Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Inconsistent Hiatus (until further notice)

Folks, I've had fun. Seriously. I've loved every post I've ever posted, and I do plan to keep posting in the future.

But not in the near future. I have to close up shop for a moment (though I may pop in every once in a while). I'm currently at the University of Memphis going through their MFA in Creative Writing program. It took five years and three tries before God saw fit to let me in there, and now I'm on the road to fulfilling what I truly believe is my "calling," my voce, my vocation: to be a writer.

Big surprise, right?

Anyway, one thing I learned last semester is that since creative writing is truly my craft (and not just another means to a degree), then I need to take it seriously. I need to devote all my energies and concentration to it, and thus my blog must go dark for now. As one writer put it, "Writing is not an indulgence. You give up your indulgences to write." Well, my blog is an indulgence; a very wonderful and (I think) important indulgence, but one nonetheless. So I'm giving it up. For now.

Until our next meeting....

The sea is calling me home.


  1. I just discovered your blog today. Love it. I want to congratulate you on your writing vocation! Will be looking forward to a bestseller soon! God bless you!