Saturday, May 22, 2010

She's a Fighter Girl

"Somewhere between hither and thither, someone start the seance
Here and now and summon to us this girl:
Embattled since birth; bleeding from conception.
Inception of the morning star that sent her to us
Shooting up and out like a flare screaming against the night,
A heavy burden of burning placed in her heart.
False fathers and foes seek to make her fire a prey
In their schemes of sadness. She flutters and fights,
Girl, like a mad one. Sorrow on sorrow makes
Her happiness a vapor: floating, fleeting, failing.
Tethered to pain like a ball and chain. Can't see the forest for the mysteries
Etched in her mind by the hard hand of the mourning star.
Read her lips and longing as she strolls away like a rolling wave,
Girl. She rises and crashes like a rolling wave, beat down by the moon's
Invisible pulse pounding her back against the rocks and rocks and
Rocks while she rises still; she rages still against the night
Like a candle, like a flare, like the morning star."

-Jon Vowell (c) 2010


  1. Note:

    Do not adjust your screen. I had to make the font smaller so the poem would fit like I wanted it to.

  2. This is a little sad and I think something that all girls can relate to.