Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boil to Rags, Part 4: More Than Words (a devotional series by an orthodox rebel)

(See the first post in the series here.)

"For God so loved the world that He gave...." John 3:16

The love of God is as much action as it is existence, but here we see that that action is no mere talk, no fruitless abstraction for wandering minds. Here we see the most incredible of philosophies: that the Almighty Love of Being and Being of Love, united in His triune dance and romance without confusing the Persons or dividing the Essence, that living, breathing incomprehensibility has touched the warp and woof of history, the bones and blood of time. When we speak of the Love of God and the God of Love, we are not only speaking of that which exists and that which acts but also of that which has already done. The movement has happened. The myth is fact. It is real: it is more than words, more than mere sentiment and vaporous talk. The Love who is and does has done.

Now let every ivory tower come crashing down, and let all hollowed out halls of learning be offended and ended. Let every obfuscation be put to shame, and let every mad theory be astonished. You will not find a fact more wild than this, nor a thought more bursting with substance. May every obscurantist come and step into its light, and may every pragmatist drop their swords and plowshares. May they all come and see and worship and bow down before this one true thing: God is, God loves, and God can be found. The infinite has touched the finite. He has breached the silence. He has stepped into the text. He has reached down into our impenetrable black box. His infinitely-colored strand has woven itself into our beleaguered tapestry, and how shall the image ever be the same again?

-Jon Vowell (c) 2012

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