Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the Offensiveness of True Christian Living (as written by an Original Orthodox Rebel)

The following is the September 22nd entry in the Oswald Chambers devotional Daily Thoughts for Disciples. Though well known for his popular devotional My Utmost for His Highest, many remain unaware of the bulk of Chamber's teachings (almost all about Christian living), found in some 30 books produced from his writings and lectures. Because of this, Chambers is ironically the best kept secret of Christianity. The following devotional entry is actually an excerpt from his book The Servant as His Lord.

When the Spirit of God comes in, we begin to realize [that] everything that is not of God has to be turned clean out. People are surprised and say, "I was told God would give the Holy Spirit to them that ask; well, I asked for the Holy Spirit and expected that He would bring me joy and peace, but I have had a terrible time ever since." That is the sign that he has come. He is turning out the "moneychangers and the cattle," the things that were making the temple [i.e., your body] into a trafficking place for self-realization.

We soon find why the gospel can never be welcome. As long as we speak winsomely about the meek and gentle Jesus and the beautiful ideas the Holy Spirit produces when He comes in, people are captivated, but that is not the gospel. The gospel does away with any other ground to stand on than that of the atonement. Speak about the peace of heaven and the joy of the Lord, and people will listen to you; but tell them that the Holy Spirit has to come in and turn out their claim to their right to themselves, and instantly there is resentment: "I can do what I like with my body. I can go where I choose."
The majority of people are not scoundrels and criminals, living in external sin. They are clean-living and respectable, and it is to such that the scourge of God is the most terrible thing, because it reveals that the natural virtues may be in idolatrous opposition to God.

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