Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Passing Political Thoughts on this City of Man (by an orthodox rebel)

So Obama has won, and we get four more years on his crazy train. You know what? I say, "Fine." Even in defeat there was still victory. Four years ago, even with all the hype in the world, Obama only won 53% of the vote. This time? 51% of the vote. He lost ground. His hold on America was weak before and it's weaker now. That is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

And you know what? In two years, we'll get another chance for victory, even if it's small. Congressional elections can change the game just as much as presidential ones can. And you know what else? Two years after that, it's time for another victory: 2016 will be the end of Obama one way or the other.

So listen up everybody: the greatest threat to our country is not Obama, nor Liberalism, Socialism, the Democratic Party, or Obamacare. Our greatest threat is despair, and we cannot and ought not give in to that dark night. America was not built by one president and it will not be destroyed by one president. It was not built in a night and it will not perish in a night. Not as long as good men and women continue to choose to do something about it. As the Brits once put it, "Keep calm and carry on."

"Carry on" is what we must do, and carry on magnificently. Obama's campaign slogan was "Forward". I say we commandeer it for ourselves. Let it sum up our initiative: Forward. Forward into the fray. Into the dark. Into one of the last good fights we'll ever know. The fight for the future of our country. Wage it wisely and with good cheer, for this city of man cannot crumble so easily; and even if it does, the city of God still stands untouched and undimmed before the failures of the world.

-Jon Vowell (c) 2012

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