Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wriggling in the Crushing Grip of Reaason (an aside by Bill Watterson)

On academia:


  1. Bill Jenkins2/25/11, 12:15 PM

    Been there, done that. Ain't never going' back. Buh bye!

    I really worked hard to keep my head down and mouth shut through grad school. Not everyone was quite insane from critical theory, thank goodness. But I dutifully wrote my critical theory analyses all the while imbing straight up Christian orthodoxy on the side. I sort of dug my two-faced existence as long as I knew it wasn't permanent.

  2. I've taken literary theory classes thrice:

    (1) With Dr. Callis (absolutely AWESOME, especially when he ended the whole class with a reading from Perelandra)

    (2) My first fall semester at U of M (head pounding frustration, but it made my mind work and I took great notes).

    (3) My final spring semester at U of M (somewhat head-pounding, but our professor was more skeptical of "post-structuralism" and its bastard children, and thus set the whole class as an engagement with the various theories rather than simply knowing what they were).

    I swear (and make this vow) that however high I get into academia, and no matter what class I am teaching, I will always condemn and mock such nonsense whenever I can.