Saturday, December 11, 2010

"I jump at desire, at beauty further..." (poetry from an Original Orthodox Rebel)

The following sonnet was written by Michelangelo:

"Since I have straw for flesh and my heart's sulphur,
Since I have bones consisting of dry wood,
Since my soul lacks a rein and lacks a guide,
Since I jump at desire, at beauty further,

Since all my brains are weak and blind, and totter,
And since quicklime and traps fill all the world,
It will be no surprise when I am burned
By a flash of the first fire I encounter.

Since I've the beautiful art, that those who bear it
From Heaven use to conquer Nature with,
Even if she can parry everywhere,

If I, not blind or deaf, was born for it,
A true match for my heart's fire-setting thief,
He is to blame who fated me to fire."

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